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Love-Written By HeartOfThePen

Love is beautiful

Love is fruitful

Love is vulnerable

Love is honorable

Love is blind

Love can be hard to find

Love is emotional

An ongoing roller coaster

Love is special

A timeless treasure

Love is unique

Love is selfless

It’s more about them then me

Love is priceless

Love is deep

It’s a feeling that can knock you off your feet

Love is a drug

More powerful than lust

Love is an addiction

An overwhelming feeling

Love is timeless

Love, where can we all find this?

Love is unconditional

Love is unsuperficial

Love is forgiving

Without it we’re all living life off the deep end

Love is something we should all discover

Love has no limit on age, gender, and color

Love is forever

Black Rose (Poem)-Written By HeartOfThePen


Her skin is soft

Her lips are smooth

I almost told her “I love you”

I’m in so deep

Her voice makes me weak

She’s my drug of choice

She’s what I feign

The most gorgeous thing I ever seen

Even though her intentions are sketchy

I have fallen for her heavy

She’s nothing but trouble

I almost loved her down without using a rubber

Blinded by my attraction

Overtaken by mix emotions as it happens

Caught up in my feelings

Constantly needing her sexual healing

Trying hard to stick to my goodbye

I hate seeing her with other guys

My jealousy has me consumed

I miss her sweet, smelling perfume

She makes me feel alive

Not having her feels like I would die

I need rehab and pray

I’d give anything to feel her long beautiful black hair

I make my way to her presence

Living in the moment and enjoying the present

She’s like a forbidden fruit I must taste

Even though its just a matter of time before my heart she will break


Love You Down-HeartOfThePen Feat Junior and Money Rizo

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