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Love-Written By HeartOfThePen

Love is beautiful

Love is fruitful

Love is vulnerable

Love is honorable

Love is blind

Love can be hard to find

Love is emotional

An ongoing roller coaster

Love is special

A timeless treasure

Love is unique

Love is selfless

It’s more about them then me

Love is priceless

Love is deep

It’s a feeling that can knock you off your feet

Love is a drug

More powerful than lust

Love is an addiction

An overwhelming feeling

Love is timeless

Love, where can we all find this?

Love is unconditional

Love is unsuperficial

Love is forgiving

Without it we’re all living life off the deep end

Love is something we should all discover

Love has no limit on age, gender, and color

Love is forever

Fatal Love


Fatal Love

Written By HeartOfThePen


As he stands in a huge crowd,

feeling real proud.

He’s about to make a

very important announcement

of his life,

as he stands with his wife.

He’s running for mayor.

The people wish him well

as he has their full support,

as he strengthens a legacy of sort.

A successful businessman, husband,

and city councilman,

He’s been good to his associates,

his wife, and tax payers.

Yet his still feels empty

and incomplete,

The need to know who his

father really is

eats him alive,

and it bothers him more

since his mom just recently died.

He grew up with his mother only,

and was told that his father was

a no-good hustling phony.

Yet he still wanted to know

the man that had birthed him,

and why he deserted him.

For years he hated him,

but curiosity kept bating him.

He resented his father,

and wanted to know why

he couldn’t be bother.

He gave up on an earlier search

that left him with many life questions,

about the man that wasn’t there

to teach him about life’s

painful lessons.

Years later he’s made a

good life for himself.

He’s made momma proud,

but years of anger continues

to scream out loud.

He hired a private investigator

to track down the missing piece,

so that his mind could finally be at peace.

Meanwhile everything else in

his life had been going great

but his personal life was in shambles,

He always knew that love was a gamble.

His wife had been acting

odd and very sneaky,

His thoughts were starting to get creepy,

yet he maintained his trust,

cause what they have is real love

and never lust.

Then things got weirder,

She’s leaving home from work a lot quicker.

She’s hardly ever at home,

and when she is at home

she’s always on the phone.

He wonders what’s going on?

He questions her about her behavior.

She pretends everything’s fine.

They hardly ever make love.

She claims that she’s either too tired

or that she simply doesn’t have the time.

He questioned her again about her behavior.

His words she ignores.

He begins to fear the worst,

as her love his still thirsts.

The last he needs is an unfaithful wife,

as he’s about to run the biggest election

of his life.

He had his P.I. tail his wife.

He reports that she’s been seen

with this guy,

The husband thinks back to

her most recent lie.

The P.I. has spotted the in nightclubs,

hot tubs, and fancy dinners,

She’s starting to look like an

unfaithful sinner.

The wife (so she says) has

to go out of town on business,

She tells the husband that

she loves him leaving him

with plenty of kisses.

His heart is broken.

His filled with rage.

How could she break all

of the promises that they’ve made.

With the P.I.’s info he

followed them to Detroit Michigan,

where it all comes to a complete end.

The wife and guy met in a fancy hotel,

while the husband was straight

on their tail.

He stood outside their door listening in,

He began hearing his wife moaning and groaning.

As the tears fall from his eye,

A part of him literally died.

As he was about to make his move

his phone vibrates,

The conversation that he had with his P.I.

had made him more madder and

even more irate.

He kicked down their door

and pulled out his 24-caliber gun,

the love making quickly stops and

the shooting had begun.

He shot both of them twice

in the head.

Just like that they were both dead.

He stares them both down as he’s

hurt, bitter, and mad,

He realizes that he just killed

his wife and his dad.