Warzone-Written By HeartOfThePen

We’re at war with ourselves

War with religion

A world with no supervision leaves you in a world provided

By dangerous and petty competition

We’re all just surviving

Meanwhile innocent men, women, and children are dying

Our world is not as pure

Our rights are not as secure

Woman from all walks of life are feeling insecure

Believing that anything is possible has become both a gift and a curse

Our country is being ran by the absolute worst

There’s no leadership

There’s no honor

Where’s the integrity

This world is sickening

We’re living in our own hell

Mentally a lot of us are jailed

We live without hope

Controlled by fear

Each day it feels more and more like our last days are drawing near

We have to fight more for everything

Our black men are not being treated as human beings (from law enforcement)

The internet is corrupting our youth

A lot of today’s parents are weak and aloof

Who has the answers?

What’s the formula?

Do anyone care?

Who’s capable of being sincere?

Pray for our country

Pray for our youth

Pray for yourselves

Pray for me too

Don’t look up to man

But upward to God

He’s still our foundation and our rock

Indeed, we’re not alone

As we’re literally living in a war zone

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